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An experience like no other

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Mariposa Mountain Resort

The interior of Mariposa Mountain cafe is a visual feast for the senses. Photographs from my collection are reverse printed onto glass, and backlit. The translucency of the glass works perfectly with the translucency of the butterfly wings to create incredibly absorbing visual focal points.


High definition videos and photographs can be projected onto wall spaces or displayed on large screens. The possibilities for the interior are endless, but my vision is simple. Display the right pictures, in the right places, and in the right way. 

My vision for the cafe/shop is crystallised in the following sentence.

“I want jaws to hit the floor when customers walk in, and I want their stomachs smiling when they walk out:”. 



Photographs can be printed onto the reverse side of toughened safety glass, or acrylic. The print quality is the same as high quality gloss paper. Inks are waterproof and heat resistant, Custom placeholder mats and coasters can be made using any photograph in the collection.


Some photographs are perfectly suited for use as lighting panels. One 24"x 36"" LED light panel can comfortably illuminate a medium size room. Click on any of the images to visit the product page to learn more about direct to glass printing. 

Beautiful, tranquil, stimulating, inspirational, unforgettable.


Mariposa Mountain has a range of beautiful products that can be used as incentives to encourage regular attendance. Loyal customers will get a free cup of coffee, and they can get a beautiful mug to drink it out of. Points can be saved up and redeemed for any of the products in the catalogue. In a competitive market this gives us a huge advantage over other coffee chains which do not have their own product line. Click on the image below to discover more about the customer loyalty program


Many companies adopt an environmental cause to enhance their image. I did it because I care.


If we wipe out bees and butterflies you can say goodbye to your Weetabix in the morning, your loaf of bread, your bowl of fruit salad and virtually every other form of edible food. We should all be aware that growing food using toxic poisons, such as Roundup, has the potential to cause widespread famine.


The Guardian Angel butterfly conservation program is my personal contribution to making the world a better place. 

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Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want to live in.

Spend wisely

Authenticity, uniqueness, gentleness, compassion, respect.


Mariposa Mountain has its own range of exclusive products some of which can be viewed in the online store. If my vision inspires you to want to invest in a cafe of your own, you can. 


Butterfly Wings is a collection of 60 original poems. Each poem is accompanied by a beautiful black and white photograph. 

If you wish to discover more about this very unique book, and its origins, click on the pictures to visit the website.

As the author, I can make copies freely available for customers to read while they enjoy their favourite brew.


The book is also included in the customer loyalty program.


A unique retail experience that is in a class of its own.

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