MARCH 2021
Direct to glass prints lets you display your favourite photograph anywhere.

Graphene is a super conductor; but it is incredibly expensive to produce. One gram of Graphene can cost as much as $2,000. Hemp carbon performs better than Graphene, and, it can be made for a fraction of the price.

The high price of Graphene makes it unsuitable for use in mass consumer products. The low cost of hemp carbon would allow battery manufacturers to upgrade Lithium battery specifications without significantly changing their production.

The anodes in Lithium batteries are currently being coated in graphite, a cheap and ready available material, (unlike graphene). If the anode was coated in hemp carbon, it would dramatically improve the overall performance of the battery in every measurable way. Changing the coating of the anode is a simple process for battery manufacturers. All they will need is the refined hemp carbon that I will be producing. The best part about this; is the hemp carbon is derived from 100% recycled organic hemp waste.

Hemp growers typically grow just for the flowering buds. After the stalks are stripped of the flowers, they are burned. Burning organic waste causes unnecessary environmental pollution, and it destroys the raw material that we need to make hemp carbon. Why burn organic waste when it can be processed into a high performance super conducting material? It doesn’t make sense does it..

Where there’s muck, there’s brass!!



Taun's latest environmental campaign is to save the Mountain where most of the photographs in the Gallery were taken.

The recent fire destroyed over 50 Hectares of land. The developers are destroying the entire eco-system in that region. 

Click on the pictures above to discover more about the campaign to save Mariposa Mountain. 

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