During the 139th meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Edward Lorenz posed the following question: “Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil, set off a tornado in Texas?” 

It is an interesting question when you consider that butterflies are one of the few creatures to have crossed the 'final frontier'. The caterpillar has to die so that the butterfly can live. But, if the caterpillar is gone, and the butterfly is not yet present, what is it exactly, that constitutes what we call life?

What occurs during the period between the end of one life form, and the emergence of another, is still a great mystery. But The fact butterflies exist, is strong and compelling evidence that the energy animating matter, never 'dies'. 





If I filled a bowl with water, and set it on a table, after a short while the surface of the water will become like a mirror. If I were to bang on the table with my fist, the vibrations will cause the surface of the water to become distorted. The mirror no longer works, because the surface of the water is moving.


A bowl of water that is never disturbed is not calm water, it is stagnant water. A body of stagnant water eventually becomes a swamp. To drain a swamp, fresh water must be introduced and this will cause some disturbance on the surface.

Nature is in the business of creating abundance, For example; there are enough seeds in one single apple, to grow a whole orchard. Enough seeds in an orchard, to feed a whole nation of people. It all starts, with one single seed.


All art, regardless of genre, originates in the well of the soul. The soul being light, has no feelings of its own. In order for light to 'feel' it must be given a physical body which is capable of experiencing ‘feelings’. The translation of emotional energy is the foundation of all creative endeavours.

If we vandalised the Mona Lisa we would be treated as a criminal, and yet here we are, destroying something far more precious, and calling it progress. If the destruction of Earth were our goal, we have succeeded, but who in their right mind would destroy their own home? 

Material success is based on how much an individual can accumulate in their lifetime. Metamorphosis is based on letting go of everything. "it would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it would be for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven".

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All wealth is derived from the natural world. If we exchange what is living for what is dead, we create a debt that cannot ever be repaid. The worlds financial system is destroying the world because it works on the premise that we can get something for nothing.

"The only way a square peg will fit through a round hole is if it is smaller. If it is smaller, something is missing". What is missing, can never be found, no matter how much time is given. This is not a belief, this is physics.

What is dead, cannot sustain what is living".

What is the most valuable currency on Earth?

Many people would say that precious metals like, Gold and Platinum, or Diamonds, but what makes these things precious? Nothing in the natural world has a price tag on it, so it is we who have determined the value of these things. 

There is a commodity much rarer, and more valuable, than all of the above. The commodity, is ‘time’. When we are born, a portion of ‘time’ is deposited into our bank account. When we give the gift of our time, we make a withdrawal from our account. Once our time is given, it can never be recovered.


One man's 'time' on Earth, was sold for the price of 30 pieces of silver. What use is silver when you are all out of time?.

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