Bringing into existence, a world  that is vastly inferior to the original, whilst claiming to be making 'progress', is quite frankly, delusional.

The Earth is a living 'being', when we connect to the essence of the 'being', we are connecting to the creator of it, because they are one.

All forms of 'life' share the same singular, self organising intelligence; to our way of thinking, such a complex and interconnected system should not even exist, It is like an orchestra made up of billions of different instruments, all playing the same song in perfect harmony, but without the aid of any visible conductor. How is that even possible?.

Choosing a weak vessel for a critical task, seems foolish, until we come to the realisation that the ability to feel, is not a weakness, it is an immeasurable strength. Those who cut themselves off from their feelings, cut themselves off from the creator of this system.


"Thinking themselves wise, they became fools."


A deep investigation into the process of metamorphosis, reveals that it is possible to transcend our physical experience of 'life' in exactly the same way that a Butterfly overcomes the limitations of being a caterpillar.

A caterpillar cannot go to school to learn how to fly like a butterfly. The caterpillar has to die, and become one.


There are no workarounds, or shortcuts.


All sound needs, is an ear to appreciate the music, and an eye to appreciate its exquisite form. Numbers do not make the sound any more colourful, nor do they make the sound any more beautiful.

We can attach numbers to frequencies, but numbers do not add anything to the vibration of sound, so why bother?


We have ‘tools’ that allow us to translate a wide range of energy vibrations, from fear, to love, and everything in between. Each EM-Ocean (emotion) has its own unique vibrational frequency, 

If we view each emotion as a note on a musical scale, then we can play a song of joy, or, a song of sorrow, simply by hitting the right ‘note’. How hard we hit the ‘note’ determines the intensity of the vibration.

In the same way that one sound vibration cannot occupy the same relative space as another, love cannot exist in the same relative space, as fear.


The 'sound' of love has never changed, just as the notes on a musical keyboard never change. Love is in exactly the same ‘place’ as it was in the beginning.

The physical state of the Earth is evidence that our capacity to ‘love’ has diminished over time. We are still hitting the right note, but so softly, that nobody can hear it. 


A lamp without oil has no real value, because it cannot fulfil the purpose for which it was made. The lamp may be very beautiful, but it will never bring any light into the world.

Whatever we focus on, we pay for with our ‘time’. If what we focus on has no intrinsic value, then our lamp will never become full. ‘Time’ or rather, our experience of ‘time’, is the most valuable commodity in existence. Spend it wisely.


An army with the greatest number of soldiers, stands a better chance of winning a battle, but, there have been many examples throughout history, where a small number of committed individuals have defeated a much larger army.

Numbers do not guarantee an outcome, they only increase the likelihood of winning. There is no real ‘strength’ in numbers, only the illusion of strength. Great men are never afraid to stand alone, because they know that One, plus God, is a majority that no amount of numbers can ever overcome. Numbers can win battles, but numbers can never win the war.

Vibrations organise matter intelligently, and without the need of a third party. Numbers require a living being to move them around a page. Vibrations accomplish effortlessly, what mathematics cannot describe in many volumes. There is ‘power’ in vibrations; and even if you could use mathematics to accurately describe waveform geometry, it would never be as meaningful as being able to experience them for yourself.

We can know and not BE, but we cannot BE and not know.