find the golden butterfly

Caterpillar eggs are so small that they are very hard to see with the naked eye. Under a magnifying glass, the eggs resemble miniature paper lanterns.

The caterpillar egg is a cage for the caterpillar. When the appointed time comes, the caterpillar will use its sharp mandibles to cut open the paper cage, and free itself.  


The first cage can be opened by physical effort  but the second cage will only open upon complete surrender of the former self. Society has been conditioned to view death as a final outcome, when in reality, a living death is a necessary stage in our 'spiritual' evolution.

A Caterpillar is an example of an unconscious consumer. A large group of caterpillars will decimate an entire field of crops to sustain their own existence, without ever once thinking about the greater consequences of their actions.


A butterfly is an example of conscious living. A butterfly pollinates, and in so doing, increases the wealth of the natural world. Our world was not designed to sustain a population of 7 billion caterpillars


The metamorphosis of the caterpillar into a butterfly proves that 'life' is not contained within the form of anything, but rather, in the invisible particles that combine to create the multitude of forms that we see with our naked eyes.

During the transformation from one form to another, there is a stage where neither the caterpillar, nor the butterfly, can be said to exist. Here, In this vast expanse of nothingness, is where the magic really happens, and yet, nobody would ever notice the magic, unless they were really looking for it.

If you find the golden butterfly within, you will never be without


Discover the magic for yourself

Taun Richards | Author