In the summer of 2014, I set up a stall in Camden market to test public reaction to my Guardian Angel Butterfly conservation project.

When I first started out, all I had was an idea. The only products I offered for sale were the natural butterfly wing earrings, and my book Butterfly Wings. I laid some of the wings out on the table, and placed a placard with the project description in the centre and stood quietly behind the stall and observed people’s reaction to the offering. The response to the product varied greatly, but on the whole, the feedback was very positive. This gave me the confidence to develop the website.

I didn't stay in Camden for that long, but the impression I made lives on to this day. A few days ago a customer contacted me through the website and told me that she had visited Camden recently but couldn't find my stall. An online search brought up a link to the website which meant Rhiannon could contact me directly. Rhiannon was there right at the very beginning when the seed was first planted. In just a few years the seed has grown into a tall tree that can be seen the world over. "From small acorns, mighty oaks grow."

The next step in the evolution of is to build my own butterfly sanctuary, and have everything under one roof. 


By leveraging the Peltier effect, it is possible to produce extremely low temperatures, down to -60C, using only 12 volts of D.C. current. A solid state refrigeration system has no moving parts, which makes them ultra reliable. The units produce a rapid cooling effect the moment they are switched on, and the temperature inside the refrigeration unit can be thermostatically controlled.


“The use of toxic poisons in our environment, the genetic modification of our foods, deforestation and loss of natural habitats are putting a huge number of butterfly species on the endangered list”.


The Guardian Angel butterfly conservation program is my contribution to making the world a better place."


"If we wipe out bees and butterflies you can say goodbye to your Weetabix in the morning, your loaf of bread, your bowl of fruit salad and virtually every other form of edible food. We should all appreciate that pesticides like RoundUp, have the potential to cause widespread famine" 


All profits from sales of my book Butterfly Wings, are being used to support the Guardian Angel butterfly conservation programs' aims, and aspirations.