All our images can be printed direct to glass.

Direct to glass printing equals the resolution of glossy photographic paper. With the added advantage that the prints are waterproof, and scratchproof.

Direct to glass printing gives you the option to hang your favourite photographs inside, or, outside, without any risk of them getting damaged by the natural elements. 


The direct to glass printing method can run edge to edge, or, the image can be centered anywhere within the glass panel. If you prefer not to have a border, you can choose to have an edge to edge borderless print.

"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination"

Albert Einstein.


Glass canvas is 6mm toughened safety glass. Edges are polished all around to a super smooth finish.


Everything you need to mount the panel to the wall is included with each order. The glass panel is pre-drilled for the mounting posts. A paper template is provided to simplify the installation. When the stainless steel stand offs are secured to the wall, the art panel can fitted. The removable end caps allow for a quick change of decor when required. 

The photographic images are reverse printed, using waterproof inks. This makes them perfect for brightening bathrooms, pool areas, or other exterior wall spaces.


The image is printed onto the wall facing side of the glass panel. Once the panel is mounted there is very little risk of the image getting damaged. Once a panel has been mounted, it can be demounted tool-free, within minutes. This unique feature allows customers to change their interior decor, at any time, or, for any occasion. End caps can also be permanently fixed in place to protect high value items. The inks used in the printing process are heat resistant, and moisture resistant, making these panels suitable for pool areas, and other recreational spaces. The glass panels can be supplied undrilled, for permanent mounting, or  for use as custom shower screens, and splash backs.


Glass is a very popular structural building material for making screens, balconies, shower enclosures, and even walkways, and bridges. Each glass panel is a potential canvas for a photographic print.


The images on printed panels are protected by a second panel of clear toughened glass. The two panels are bonded together before the edges are polished.


Double sided panels can incorporate a different image on each side. 4mm toughened glass is used for double sided prints giving a total finished thickness of 8mm. This is only 2mm thicker than a standard printed glass panel. Custom glass panels can be accurately drilled,  and cut to any shape.


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