Direct to glass printing equals the resolution of glossy photographic paper.


The direct to glass printing process can be edge to edge, or centred anywhere within the glass panel. The Stainless steel stand offs are discrete, so if you do not want a border, you can choose to have the print borderless.

The first step is to select the photograph you want to have printed. Then, decide if you want a border or not. Any of the photographs in the collection can be selected for printing to glass. Black and white versions of the photographs are also available.

The glass panel is 6mm toughened, with polished edges all round. The art panel is fixed in place using high quality solid Stainless Steel stand offs.


A fitting kit is supplied with everything you need to mount the panel to the wall. This includes the solid Stainless steel posts, threaded end caps, as well as screws and wall plugs. The glass panel is pre-drilled for the mounting posts, and ready to hang. A template is provided to make marking the holes on the wall simple and hassle free.  


The photograph is printed onto the 'inside' face, so there is little risk of it getting damaged. As the ink is heat and moisture resistant it copes extremely well in hot, or humid environments. Traditional prints cannot normally be hung in damp areas as the paper absorbs the moisture which causes the print to buckle. this cannot  happen with glass.  The only maintainance that is required, is to keep the front face clean. This can be done with a damp cloth and paper. Once a panel has been mounted, it can be demounted within minutes, allowing customers to change their interior at any time, or for any occasion.


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