The Butterfly Whisperer


I have tried many times to describe what butterfly whispering is like, but, music cannot be adequately described in words. Music is something you have to experience for yourself. 


The language of energy, frequency, and vibration, has to be felt, to be understood. This means we have to be present in order to receive the gift. 

The interactions I have with butterflies occur in the wild, and not the safe environment of a butterfly sanctuary. The videos are totally spontaneous and unscripted. 

never set out to become a butterfly whisperer, just as I never consciously set out to write a book of poems. I followed the stream of life deep into the unknown, and it led me to where I am now.

Butterfly whispering is an incredible experience and one that cannot be adequately described in words.


Come and experience it for yourself. Visit the holiday page to find out more about butterfly whispering holidays and day trips. Its one of the most satisfying ways to spend a summers afternoon.



Butterflies have very acute senses; even when a Butterfly is happily resting on my hand, they will leave, the moment another butterfly enters their  ‘territorial space’. Each interaction even though it may be only for a few seconds, is very special. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get instant results. Persevere. 


Butterflies are sensitive to smells, avoid perfumes, artificial creams, and especially anti-bacterial lotions. The more natural you are, the less obstacles you will place in your way. Butterflies don’t mind being alone; allow interactions to flow as naturally as possible. Butterflies spook easily, move slowly and avoid jerking movements.


The New Forest Burnet butterfly, is a category 1, in the red book endangered species list.


Butterflies are fascinating creatures. I hope my videos inspire you to try your hand at Butterfly Whispering so that you can discover the same Magic I did.


Albert Einstein said that "when you look deeply into nature, you will understand everything better". This is very true. There are many creatures who have to go through a transformational stage during their lifetime, including us. We call it going through a mid life crisis. But in reallity, it's a mid life Chrysalis. 


Our moment of truth comes when we have to trust our own wings for the very first time. Even though we have never experienced flight before this moment, when the time comes, the Butterfly will fly, like it has flown it's entire life. The ability to fly isn't learned, the 'knowledge' of how to fly comes pre-installed with the wings.


The process of metamorphosis changes the entire experience of life. But, why is it necessary to create a life form that has to die, in order to alter it’s experience of life?. Why not just create butterflies, which can give birth to more butterflies, and bypass the Caterpillars monotonous existence entirely?

There is a point in the transformation process, where neither the caterpillar, nor, butterfly, can be said to exist. This supernatural process, reveals ancient secrets about how we can transform our experience of 'life'. From the caterpillars perspective, death is the end. To the butterfly, it is just the beginning. Death is simply an interval in between one state of being, and another.

The metamorphosis of the butterfly illustrates that the energy which creates life, never dies. The existence of a butterfly actually proves that life after death is a reality. My question to you is this; if so much creative potential exists within a crawling worm, then how much greater must our potential for transformation be?

Discover the magic for yourself


“If you find the golden butterfly within - you will never be without"