I did not set out to be a Butterfly Whisperer, in fact, up until very recently, I had no idea that there was such a thing, and yet, here I am surrounded by Butterflies. 

People who watch my videos, ask if I use anything to attract the Butterflies, the asnwer is No. I do not use any form of bribery, or coercion. The Butterflies come, because they want to come, and I thoroughly enjoy it when they do. I don't think it's possible to teach people what I do, because there is no method. It's simply a natural connection and attraction. 

Throughout history, Butterflies have been used as reminders of the transformational power of the natural world. Albert Einstein said that "when you look deeply into nature, you will understand everything better". This is very true. 

There are many things which go through a transformational stage during their lifetime, including us. We call it going through a mid life crisis, but really, it's a mid life Chrysalis. 

The moment of truth comes when the Butterfly has to trust it's own wings for the very first time. Even though it has never experienced flight before this moment, when the time comes, the Butterfly will fly, like it has flown it's entire life. The ability to fly isn't learned, the knowledge comes installed with the wings. Wings cannot be learned, they have to be earned.

What we do after we emerge, becomes our legacy.


My advice to beginners is this; don't set out to try and impress people, do it because you genuinely love Butterflies. You will get much better results.



If you want to try your hand at Butterfly Whispering, here is some advice that may help you duplicate what you see in the videos. It takes time to develop any new ability, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t get instant results, keep on going, and eventually you will get there.

When you spend time with Butterflies you will discover they all have different characters and qualities. One of the primary ones, is that they are very territorial. Even when a Butterfly is happily resting on my hand, they will leave, the moment another Butterfly enters their  ‘territorial space’. They have very acute senses and can fly incredibly fast, as well as turn at high speed. The chase sequences will give you some idea of their mastery of flight.



Butterflies are incredibly sensitive to smells, so avoid perfumes, artificial creams, or, lotions, on the hands. No Sunscreen, Bug spray, hand sanitiser or anything artificial, they will sense it and simply not come near. The more natural you are, the easier Butterfly Whispering will be for you. Butterflies like their own ’space’; they don’t mind being alone, so, don’t try and force interactions, allow them to flow as naturally as possible. Adopt the pace of Nature, her secret, is patience. Butterflies have acute sensory abilities, They will spook easily so learn to move slowly and avoid jerking movements. Be fluid like water. 


Butterflies are truly incredible, and fascinating creatures. I hope these videos inspire you to try your hand at Butterfly Whispering so that you can discover the same Magic, I did. 

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