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Air behaves like a sponge; the warmer the air temperature, the more water the sponge can ‘hold’. The colder the air temperature, the less water the sponge can hold. To wring out the sponge, I must subject warm air, to a cold environment. The sudden contraction, causes the sponge to release all the water it is holding.

The by product of a sudden temperature exchange, is water, in the form of condensation. An atmospheric water generator is a machine that is dedicated to extracting water moisture from the air.

Atmospheric water generators extract water from the air

My water generator leverages the natural principals of radiation, conduction, and convection to extract water from the air, using the least amount of energy possible. The entire system runs on 12 volts DC.


For an atmospheric water generator to be efficient, the temperature inside the condensing chamber must be much lower than the temperature of the air outside. This is relatively easy to achieve when the generator is switched off, but when hot air is being constantly processed, the temperature differential has to be sustained.


As hot air comes in at the bottom, this is where the cold temperature is needed the most. So, how do I get cold, dense air, down to the bottom? The answer is to use the condensing column as a pipe. The air inside the column is not affected by the rotational forces inside the condensing chamber, which means the cold air can fall under its own weight.

The hydrogen bond that holds water molecules together is responsible for many of its properties, including its ability to resist temperature change. This is why the condensing column is standing in a pool of freezing cold water. Water resists temperature changes, metals are very efficient thermal conductors. It’s a marriage made in heaven.

Many regions around the world are suffering from terrible water shortages because people are pulling all the water from the ground, rather than extracting water from the air.

Avocados are one of the most water intensive fruits to grow. Each avocado takes approximately 70 litres of water to reach maturity, this is more than 12 times as much as it takes to grow a tomato. When you see an avocado plantation on a hillside in Spain you can guarantee that the grower is pumping water up to a deposit.

Does it really make sense to pour energy into sucking water out of the ground, and pumping it uphill, when water could be generated at the top of the hill, and flow downwards, at absolutely no cost to anyone!!




Hot air rises, cold air sinks. This is one of the immutable laws of thermodynamics.

Lower temperatures leads to higher density, and higher temperatures leads to lower density. This is because warmer molecules of air move faster, creating an expansion effect that decreases air density. The density of one medium, relative to another, determines its position within a column.

Relative humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air at a given temperature compared to the maximum volume possible. For example, a relative humidity of 50 percent means that air is holding half of the maximum volume possible. Relative humidity describes how full the sponge is, at any given temperature.

Warm air entering the generator will be less dense than the air inside the generator. The warm air will naturally want to rise and escape out of the top, but the rotational direction of air flow inside the generator forces warm air to circulate around the cold condensing column. The by product of the temperature exchange, is water, in the form of condensation.

My water generator harnesses natural principals and uses them to achieve specific tasks. The generator is extremely energy efficient because the natural principals do not need a form of energy to power them, they occur naturally. Why use energy, when you don’t have to?

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Drilling a hole into the ground to extract water is extremely costly, and very energy intensive. A borehole has to be drilled, and when completed, all the machinery to extract water has to be purchased and installed. The up front cost can be as much as €45,000. 


Extracting water from the air is like squeezing a sponge. There is hardly any resistance at all, so I do not need to use a lot of energy to accomplish the task,

Water from a well contains a large volume of dissolved minerals. The filtering process removes much of the dissolved mineral content, but the water can still be very alkaline. Fruit growers are required to regularly replace their equipment because of calcium build up in their filters, pumps and lines. This could be avoided if they used an atmospheric water generator as their primary source of water.


When hard water is boiled, the calcium builds up on heating elements inside kettles and boilers, dishwashers and washing machines, reducing their efficiency over time. The dissolved minerals also stick to plastic, glass, ceramics and metals.


Calcium build up is a big problem, but the only reason the problem exists, is because we are extracting water from the ground.

Water that that is extracted from the air is naturally clean, because it has virtually no dissolved mineral content in it. This means it won’t destroy heating elements or leave residue on shower screens.


A 3” electric well pump rated ar 25k/W an hour is needed to extract water from the ground. Pumping water uphill requires another 8kW/hr making a total of 33kW/hr. I can extract water from the air with just 72 Watts/hr. 


When water is taken out of the air, it can be instantly replenished. When water is taken out of the ground, it can take many decades for rainwater to filter down through sedimentary layers.

Our rivers are all running dry, because we have only been taking water out of the ground. We are extracting water at a faster rate than the natural process can keep pace with. The system is reversible, but we must switch to another source of water to give time for the water level to return to normal.


The process of evaporation is unceasing. For as long as the sun continues to shine, the atmosphere will always be an ‘ocean’ full of water. An atmospheric water generator creates the perfect conditions to encourage water to come out of suspension.


Purity is standards based, not judgement based. The moment any minerals become dissolved in water, the water ceases to be pure water. Consumers have no way of knowing the quality of dissolved minerals in the water they are drinking.

In it purest form, water has absolutely no mineral content whatsoever. If you want pure water, you must first remove all contaminates. Distillation removes the need to test for contaminants because it removes them all.

The water found in fruit and vegetables is structured water. Plants absorb H20 from the soil and convert it into H302. This is the type of water that the cells in the body actually need, and the only type of water that they can actually utilise.

Water from fruits and vegetables contains all the minerals you will ever need, in their purest, and most available form. 


Plants use solar energy to convert H20 into H302 and while our bodies can also convert water into H302, it takes energy to convert anything. Why expend energy converting water into H302 when the plants have already done it? 


Effective strategies for removing

specific contaminants from water.


At room temperature, chlorine gas weighs less than air and will naturally

evaporate off without boiling. Boiling water for 15 minutes will speed up

the chlorine removal process. 


Distillation, Reverse Osmosis, or activated Alumina.


Distillation, reverse osmosis, or by using ion exchange resins

Heavy Metals:

Distillation, ion exchange, reverse osmosis, and activated carbon filtration.


Ozone can also destroy pesticides, and toxic organic compounds in the water

without leaving any toxic residues. 


A man called Stanley Meyers invented a car that ran on water. He was poisoned to death by people he thought were investors. Bringing hydrogen technology to a world that is addicted to Abiotic oil is a dangerous game to play. Stan maybe gone but his work is not forgotten.

My water generator is my own personal contribution to making the world a better place. The generator is ultra reliable, uses very little energy, and requires virtually no maintenance.

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My water's like having a tap that never stops running.

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