The ability to ‘speak’ directly from the heart.

If the impassioned pleas of an awakened man are mistaken for anger, it is because we ‘feel’ the energy of his passion, but we are unable to transmute the energy. Any energy that cannot be transmuted by the heart has to find another outlet. Like a pressure cooker on a stove, if there was no escape valve, the lid would eventually blow off destroying the kitchen in the process.

The degree of violence exhibited by anyone who erupts in anger, is evidence of the explosive potential of emotional energy. There are only two ways of dealing with energy, we either use it, or lose it. An angry man LOSES his emotions. A passionate man USES his emotions.

The ability to transmute emotional energy separates the men from the boys. A boy will raise his fists at the slightest provocation. A wise man will use the same energy to impact people with wisdom. Both are able to punch, but the boy punches the face, the wise man punches the heart.


The tongue is considered by many to be the strongest muscle in our body. While I cannot deny the power of the written word, there is a much greater muscle and it is the one which begins the procession of ‘life’. I speak of the heart.


The heart is the first organ to form. Every muscle in the body is a posterior attribute of the heart. The heart creates the tongue, so it must be the heart which regulates its use. While a tongue may break a heart, a strong heart can silence any tongue.

Without the heart, the 'head' would not exist at all.


People who live from the head, play 'mind' games with people who live from the heart, and wonder why their fingers get burned. Head intelligence is no match for heart coherence.

Your heart is unique; there has never been one like it before, and there will never be one like it again. You have a heartbeat no one else has, so that you can leave an imprint that no one else can.


Never be afraid to speak from the heart about the things which truly matter.


Until the captain finds the courage to lose sight of the shore, his ship can never fulfil the purpose for which it was made.

During the course of a ships life, there may be times when the boat needs repairs. in such times as these, a short spell in dry dock is necessary. But, if a ship is in dry dock just because the captain fears the ocean, then what use is his boat? If a boat is sea worthy, it nelongs out at sea. If the captain lacks the courage to set sail? Take away his boat.

A coward sits under a rock waiting for death to free him from his ignominy. A hero dies at sea wrestling with the storm. Nobody can be given courage; we have to sail through the storm and earn it for ourselves.

“I have no Ark to keep you safe, just these arms of mine to hold. And a heart so strong and loyal, that I will never fear the cold. So build it big, and build it strong, and take it out to sea once more. And trust that love will one day, bring you safely to my shore”