The Great Orange Tip butterfly earrings and pendant set hand framed in solid silver.


Each solid silver frame is made and polished entirely by hand and custom fit to each individual wing. Only certain wing types are suitable for silver framing but we will be expanding the range slowly as we develop techniques for creating different frame shapes for other wing types. 


The solid silver framed pendants come with a silver oval pinch bail which will fit many different styles and thicknesses of chain. The pendant comes supplied with a silver plated 18" link chain so that it is ready to wear.


These silver framed wings make very special gifts amd we hope that you appreciate the workmanship in each one as they are all unique natural works of art.


These real butterfly wing products ship from the UK. FREE postage to all European Union countries is included in the price. Packets are sent by royal mail 1st class large letter category and usually arrive in 1-2 days in the UK mainland. If the wing styles that you select are available then they are usually shipped same or next day. If we are waiting on production you will be informed when we recieve your order.


We want you to enjoy these beautiful natural products so please let us know if they meet or exceed your expectations.


Shipping to all EU countries is free. We can also export these products to customers in other countries, (some postal surcharges may apply).


(Natural WIng Products)

All our products are real butterfly wings preserved inside a high gloss synthetic resin. We try and maintain as much of the original colouring and patterning as possible. The colour that makes up the patterns on a butterfly wing are actually coloured cells which grow only on the top surface of the wing, the reverse of the wing has no colour.  Many of the wings types we are able to preserve in a very natural and realistic state. In cases where the wings go completly white/transparent we add colour and use the structure of the wing membranes to provide the intricate pattern and detail. Our work is a fusion of art and nature, nature providing the canvas and we work with that to create something visually interesting. Each wing is hand crafted, when the resin has hardened we bond solid silver jump rings to the back of each wing to take the earhooks. We hope you appreciate all the work that goes into recycling these very beautiful natural butterfly wings. The manufacturing of these products does not harm the eco-system or the environment, it is sustainable and ecologically sensible reuse of what would otherwise be a waste product.

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