Help save Mariposa Mountain

Help save Mariposa Mountain



There is a hill just outside Almunecar, that I nicknamed Mariposa mountain. For those of you who are not familiar with the Spanish language, Mariposa means Butterfly. Mariposa mountain is a place of outstanding natural beauty and home to all of the Butterflies that you see in this Gallery. As the mountain overlooks the sea, it has been brought up by developers. Slowly but surely, they are destroying the entire eco-system. Engineers have already flattened and demolished the terraces below, now all that remains, is the hilltop. The tracks are just the start, soon the heavy equipment will come rolling in, and that will be the end.


Mariposa mountain is home to many exotic, and rare, species of Butterfly, it deserves to have environmental protection, but it doesn’t get any. This is one avenue I am pursuing, the other, is to raise enough money  to buy the land off the owner, so that it can be preserved for future generations to enjoy.The hilltop is a natural open air Butterfly sanctuary, all that is necessary is to aquire the land and put up some signs. 


To this end, I am making available limited edition prints of what i consider to be some of my very best photographs. The proceeds from the sale of these prints, is to be set aside for the sole purpose of buying Mariposa mountain. No residential or commercial development will be allowed on the land, once it is aquired. 


When you buy any print in the limited edition collection, you are not just buying a piece of beautiful art,