(metamorphosis) noun. The process of transformation from an immature form, to an adult form, in two or more distinct stages.

When I was a child, I had a strong feeling that I came here to accomplish something significant, and yet, I had no idea of exactly what it was that I was meant to be doing. I would not wish such a state of confusion upon anyone.

I felt like a stranger in a strange land and this feeling never went away until 2012, when at the ripe old age of 51, I died. All the confusion that I had ever experienced, evaporated like fog vanishing in the heat of the morning sun. The full remembrance of what I came here to accomplish, returned, and with it, a quiet confidence that I knew from experience, was greater than my own.

Just like a butterfly emerging out of the ashes of it's former self, I returned to the world, completely transformed by my experience. During my own metamorphosis, I came to the realisation, that death is the price the caterpillar has to pay for the butterfly to exist. From a caterpillars perspective, death is the end. To the butterfly, it is just the beginning. 

My name is Taun Richards. In the world of Lepidoptry, I am known as 'The Butterfly Whisperer'.

Welcome to my world...


Taun. Richards
The Butterfly Whisperer


Thank you for making the time to visit. I trust you will find something here, that inspires you to join me in helping preserve the beauty of our natural environment.