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(metamorphosis). The process of transformation from an immature form, to an adult form, in two or more distinct stages.


There is a stage during the process of metamorphosis, where neither the Caterpillar, nor the Butterfly, can be said to exist. The dissolution of the former 'self' is so thorough, that not one single stone is left standing in its original place. And yet, death could not touch the caterpillar, even when it was broken in pieces. 


From a caterpillars perspective, death is the end of life. For the butterfly, death is just the beginning. In 2012, at the age of fifty one, I died.


Like a butterfly emerging out of the ashes of its former self, I returned to the world completely transformed by my experience. During my own metamorphosis, I came to the realisation that death is the price the caterpillar has to pay for the butterfly to exist. From a caterpillars perspective, death is the end of life, but for a butterfly, it is just the beginning. 

My name is Taun Richards; In the field of Lepidoptry they calll me the 'The Butterfly Whisperer'.

Welcome to my world...


Taun. Richards


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Butterfly Wings
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Thank you for making the time to visit. I trust you will find something here, that inspires you to join me in my quest to preserve the beauty of our natural environment. 

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