A photographic paper without equal.

Time Flies

A beautiful wall clock featuring eight stunning images from Taun's collection.

The enchanting montage, is mounted inside our own custom casement design, which is sealed against dust and moisture. The casement is engineered to a high specification and hand finished to a super smooth, black satin sheen.


The Artwork is Giclee printed on Canson Infinity edition 310gsm rag, for highest possible image resolution, and definition. The super smooth, matt finish, allows for extremely accurate, and detailed, renderings. The Museum quality print is mounted in the traditional way, behind a white bevelled mount board. The image and clock hands, are protected by a 2mm toughened crystal glass face.

The custom casement design, features a high quality, silent, quartz clock movement. The battery compartment is accessible from the rear allowing easy change of the single AA battery. 


Two Clock movements are available; Automatic and manual.  The automatic movement is radio controlled and sets the time automatically. It also adjusts time to acount for daylight saving. The manual movement requires the user to manually adjust the time whenever a change is required. The automatic version is synced to a signal that originates in germany and so it is only suitable for customers in central European countries. 


The clock face, is available in five colour ways. Olive, Honey, magenta, Slate and Black.  The darker faces are supplied with white hands, to make the hands stand out againt the darker background.


Each Time Flies clock is custom made to order, customers should allow between 4-6 weeks for delivery. 



Our custom workshop has access to the original image files. The native resolution is high enouygh to allow for Billboard size installations. Stunning defiinition, and clarity is possible if multiple panels are assembled together. This can be done seamlessly so as to appear as one single image. 


Clocks larger than 24"x24" have to use a high torque clock mechanism, one that can cope with the weight of the larger hands. Other than that, there really is no limit. 


We can use any of the images in the collection to make up a custom photo montage. This allows customers to tailor the 'mood'  and colourway, to blend, or contrast with, any interior decor. 



Direct to glass prints, equal the resolution of glossy photographic paper. The photograph is printed directly onto 6mm toughened glass. The glass edges are ground and polished to a smooth silky finish.  The clock has a built in hanger so it is ready to be mounted. There is also an option of using stainless steel stand offs, which reflect the contemporary look of the clock. The end caps can be removed and the panels swapped over in a matter of minutes. Printed glass panels can make unique and beautiful wall lights, the backlighting of the images really highlights the natural beauty captured in the image. It's a modern version of stained glass, that should give you some idea of the effect. 

The direct to glass printing process can be edge to edge, or accurately centred anywhere within the glass panel. The Stainless steel stand offs are discrete, so if you do not want a border on your picture, you can have the print borderless. The photograph is printed onto the 'inside' face, so there is little risk of it getting damaged. The ink is water and heat resistant allowing hte panel to be mounted in virtually any environment.


The design of the custom casement allows space for strip L.E.D. backlighting. which can be mounted on the exterior as well as the interior. Contact us for more details on custom lighting options.


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