Cannabis responds well to being trained, and there are many methods and styles of training, To keep things simple, we will focus on what works best for the grow pods. As space is at a premium it makes sense to grow small compact plants that produce high quality buds. Remember the purpose of growing cannabis is to harvest the flowers. The branches,leaves , and roots have commercial value but most growers only want the flowers. 

Many growers train their plants to produce a few high quality buds, rather than hundreds of smaller ones. To achieve this means cutting the central stem while the plant is still very young. The branches are then trained into the classic lampstand configuration. The plant then uses all available energy to grow buds, not leaves and stems, and so the size of buds increases proportionately. Pruning does take time, but you will be rewarded later on with better quality buds.


The FIM prune is a type of cut that’s not followed through on. The cut produces 4 or 5 new sprouts each time. At the beginning, the growth may seem strange and deformed, but the stems will eventually turn into sturdy branches,


This kind of technique is perfect if you want to turn a cutting from another plant into a parent plant. You can use the FIM method, to get a lot of new branches growing on your plant,  As a result new slip sprouts will appear on the upper layers, which is what you’re after. To do a FIM simply take a clean pair of pruning scissors and trim away about 60% of the tip, leaving the little leaves that were starting to come out. If you want, you can repeat the process when the tip begins to come out again.


To get two central calyxes and have a more centered harvest, all you need to do is cut above the two branches that we want to let grow. The cut must happen after a point in which two new branches are appearing, leaving about 1cm of trunk after those two branches. In the picture we can see the two sprouts coming out of the trunk, and even a little extra bit. In a couple of days the wound will close and the two new central points will have your plants entire attention. That’s where the most bud will be concentrated because your plant will see the two new branches as the central eye of the plant.

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