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Butterfly Wings, a collection of 60 poems by Taun Richards

Butterfly Wings, a collection of 60 poems by Taun Richards



Butterfly Wings is a fascinating, and very unique book. The poems transport you effortlessly into the hearts and minds of the subjects, allowing you to participate in their real life stories and adventures.


The collection of poems are a socio-psychogical evaluation of the girls experience; they offer a true reflection of what it is like being a young female growing up in modern day Russia. Many of the poems provide a deep and penetrating insight into the girls life. Some poems provide support or consolation, while others carry a motivational, or, inspirational message.

Taun possesses a rare poetic gift, his lines of poetry are written with incredible ease, yet carry such deep and profound messages. The rhythm and tempo heightens the drama, and the poems are always beautifully resolved in the last few lines.

Fine Art colouring in book

Fine Art colouring in book



This very original colouring book is suitable for artists of any age or ability. The book features 30 of the best photographs from our collection to help guide you. on the facing page is an outline to get you started. When the work is finished you can cut them out and mount them as your own unique works of art. 


The retail price of the book is £29.99, discounts are available on quantity orders. These products are ideal for people who want to stock these in their gift shop, florist, garden centre store, craft store, or other retail outlet. Talk to our sales team to find out more about our exclusive range of butterfly themed products. 

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