THE BITCOIN GAMBIT is a new business model built around sharing and adding value to other peoples lives. Taun's idea is revolutionary in that it rewards the buyer instead of rewarding the seller. This may sound odd at first but when you finish reading the book you will understand how the business model can not only survive, it can thrive. The offering makes it simple for people to make a small investment that could potentially bring a very handsome long term reward, at the same time the offering has educational value. The book is a guide to help people understand what blockchain technology is and how it will shape their future, it also explains why the old system failed.



The investment works very simply. When you purchase a copy of the book 80% of the purchase price goes straight into a managed fund. The Bitcoingambit managed fund specialists invest in emerging technologies and cryptocurrencies. The growth of these markets in recent years has been astronomical, even a small investment can return a handsome profit over the long term. The remaining 20% goes to pay the fees for providing the service, maintaining the website and managing the investment. On the anniversary of your purchase a dividend bonus payment is sent direct to your bitcoin account, it's a nice way to thank you for your support. Click on the book to add it to your basket or if you want to read it first then please download it from

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